Driveway concrete is mixed with a high cement content and reinforcing material in order to handle the weight of cars. The same goes for parking lot concrete. It’s mixed to withstand tons of vehicle weight.

Vergara Construction offers two main types of driveway concrete services.

Driveway Repairs:

There are several causes for driveways to crack, crumble and raise or sink.

Vergara Construction will determine the cause and facilitate the repair – with an expert eye toward preventing future damage to your driveway.

New Driveways:

A new driveway can lift your home’s curb appeal and its value, not to mention your spirits! A colorful, textured concrete driveway can be a showpiece unto itself!

Vergara Construction offers a wide variety of new driveway options, from single car to multicar, boxed to circular.

Let our concrete experts offer suggestions on options that will best complement your home or business. You’ll be delighted with a new driveway in your desired style in the finish of your choice.